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Events outside our monthly Paceline rides.

Paceline Adventure 5/23 @ Vasona Park

Paceline Adventure 5/23 @ Vasona Park

Date: 23 May 2015

Paceline Adventure is here…get ready to have fun!!!!!

Where:  Vasona Park near playground
Time: 9:30am (meet time) / 10am (start)

Paceline Adventure is not about the miles or elevation gain.  Paceline Adventure is about having fun and meeting people while riding bikes.  We will be having a picture scavenger hunt at Vasona Park.  We will be meeting at the parking lot near playground in the middle of Vasona Park (not at Oak Meadow Park playground).   The meet up time will be at 9:30am to split up in teams and go over the rules.  At 10am, we will begin the game and expect to be finished by 11am.  Feel free to come with your own team by inviting friends/family members (all ages welcomed).  But even if you don’t, you can join up with people there and make-up your own team.  We need to make sure that each team has either stand alone camera or a cellphone with built-in camera in addition to their bikes, helmets, etc. This ride is design for any ability to ride and just have fun.  We just need to make sure that those that ride bikes abide by all trail safety riding laws due to other walkers and runners on trail.  After the event there will be some refreshments and a prize for the winning team.

There is plenty of free parking along University Ave outside of Vasona and you can ride into the park.  If you intend to park inside Vasona, then be prepared to pay a parking fee. People are more than welcome to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after the event.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I look forward to seeing everyone at the this inaugural event!


Paceline Cycling Ministry


Los Gatos Christmas Parade (12/7 @ 11am; Meet at 9am)

Los Gatos Christmas Parade (12/7 @ 11am; Meet at 9am)

Bring in the Christmas Season

Paceline Cycling Ministry will be in the Los Gatos Christmas Parade on December 7th.  We need you and your families to come join us.  We need people riding their decorated bikes and we also need people to walk & wave.  This is a great time and some fun.  I am hoping to get all types of riders to ride their bikes (Road, MTB, etc) to show our diversity.

Don’t want to ride?  We have a banner that will be leading us out and we will need people to march/hold the banner.  We also need marchers to wave and smile.  So consider bringing your families.

Please Note:  If you plan on your children to ride their bikes in parade, evaluate their ability to able to ride in a group.  We want to make sure that we are all safe and not have any injuries to ourselves or the parade spectators.

Decorations:  I thought it would be cool to get festive and have some fun.  A simple idea is wrapping garland around your frame.  Some of us have lights (that may or may not show up during day) and Christmas bows.  Get creative to show your Christmas spirit.  There are some of us will be playing Christmas music from our bikes.  Oh yes, it will be awesome!  If you want some help, just let me know and there will be someone who would be happy to help “trick out” your bike.

Again, this parade is during the day so not sure how much will show up.  But its the thought that counts!

Logistics:  Our entry # is 217.  The numbers will be painted the ground in the staging area. The staging area begins at corner of Tait Ave and Almendra Ave.  (Parade map is located on website on )  Again, the staging area goes for many blocks and you more than likely will have to do some searching to find our number.  FYI:  On the morning of, I will post on Facebook site roughly where our starting location is in the staging area.  We need to be lined up by 9am even though the parade doesn’t start until 11am.  

Parking: Parking is very hard to come by and throw in road closures (as early as 7:30am), that makes everything more difficult and slow.  So, please plan early in order to make sure you are arriving at the line up spot in time.  My plan will be to park over by church and ride my bike to the parade staging area to avoid traffic issues.  I recommend others plan for similar type arrangements.

I hope you are thinking this will be a fun time as well.  Please RSVP back to me if you are planning on coming.  Even if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, there is still time.  So just let me know by email and will see you on Dec 7th.

If there are questions or if you need help in decorating your bike, just let me know.  Thanks


Paceline Information Meeting

Paceline Information Meeting

Do you like to bike ride?  Want to find new riding partners?  Want to hear about the exciting things Paceline is doing this 2013 season?  Want to get more info about Paceline Cycling Ministry?

Join us at the Paceline Cycling Ministry Informational Meeting on March 24th at 12:30pm.  We will be meeting on Venture Christian Church campus in Room 301.

We will be sharing with you the different riding groups we have, the different events we are planning, and our upcoming outreach opportunities.  Light refreshments will be provided.

The Paceline Leaders are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting. If there are any questions you have that I can help with prior to the meeting, please either email me ( or call me at (408-857-5809).