About Paceline

About Paceline


Paceline Cycling strives to build a community of cyclists who recognize that Christ needs to set the pace for our lives. Through monthly recreational rides and public outreach events, Paceline Cycling offers unique opportunities for combining our love for bikes and Christ.

About Us

Paceline Cycling provides a non-competitive approach for developing cycling skills from beginners to challenging veteran riders. Our goal is to build a loving and friendly community where riders can connect with other riders in order to establish long lasting friendships. We host monthly recreational rides for both Mountain Biking and Road Biking as well as sponsor monthly outreach opportunities for serving the Bay Area Cycling Community.

Just like links in a chain, all aspects of Paceline Cycling are connected with each other and are built for members to move freely throughout the Paceline Community.   Each link is key to establishing the Paceline community and requires each member to be an active participant whether you’re a rider, planning a riding route, or serving the cycling community. We encourage all members to use their God-provided skills to support each other and find ways to serve.

All bikes are not built the same and the same goes for each member’s cycling skills. From beginners to skilled veterans, Paceline Cycling seeks to offer ways to teach new skills while finding ways to challenge the experienced. All is welcomed!!!!

Many people think Paceline Cycling is only for people with bikes or who are cycling fanatics. Paceline Cycling is designed to use bikes as our tool to connect people. However, there are many ways members can be involved with Paceline even if they don’t ride a bike. We only ask for members to acknowledge that Christ needs to set our pace everyday and that you are willing/prepared for God to lead you on an incredible adventure.

Here are the Paceline links to events we sponsor and support:

  • Paceline Road
  • Paceline MTB
  • Paceline Adventure (Info: Scavenger Hunts, BBQs, and Epic Tahoe trip)
  • Outreach (Info: SJ Bike Party)


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