New Paceline Jerseys and more

New Paceline Jerseys and more

Paceline New Jersey Design and Apparel
I am super excited to announce that we have new Paceline Jerseys and apparel.  I know it’s been long overdue and appreciate Jakroo to design and provide new Paceline apparel for us.  To help us with ordering and supplying us, Jakroo will be opening a Paceline Team Store for us that will allow everyone to get the gear they want. This is an awesome service and convenient way for entire group to get best pricing and Paceline Cycling clothing.

Here is how the Team Store will work for this 1st batch. An Ordering Cycle (about 2-3 weeks) will open where everyone can go in and place their own order.  Each order will go towards group pricing but have the convenience of each individual will pay for their items online AND get those items shipped directly to them.  Which means there is no exchange of funds or clothing with me.  The Team Store is currently open and this cycle will remain open until Aug 17th at midnight PST.  After that date and time, the Ordering Cycle will close and those items that were purchased will be manufactured and shipped to each individual.  Current ship date will arrive by Aug 31st.

Let’s say you missed this round and want to order after the 1st Ordering Cycle.  Great news is that you can!  After this 1st Order Cycle, the Team Store will remain open and collect orders in a bi-monthly delivery options.  Jakroo will guarantee that we will never pay individual pricing even on reorders. However, I would recommend individuals order within this first Ordering Cycle to get the best lowest pricing possible.

Here is important info and links below.

Ordering Cycle:  Opens on Aug 3rd and closes on Aug 17th at Midnight PST.  Tracking information will be emailed to you 2-3 days prior to your actual delivery date. Jakroo uses FedEx and they indicate that they typically delivers around 10:30am and requires signature release. Please contact FedEx for options of signature release for your delivery.

Sizing:  Please look up Jakroo’s sizes/fitting guidelines (—sizing.html).  This will help to cut down on not getting the right fit and items.  Also if you have questions about particular sizes, feel free to contact Claire Sayle, Jakroo Senior Account Manager.  Contact me if you would like Claire’s contact info.  If you are interested in using Jakroo’s Guaranteed Fitting process, please submit the following info to Claire and she will help you with the process:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest 
  • Waist (at belly-button)
  • Hips 
  • Inseam

Pricing:  (

Clothing Options:  We have selected a variety of clothing options that hopefully will fulfill everyone’s needs in making their own Paceline Kits.  Here is a short list that you will be able to view within the Team Store:

  • Jerseys (Road & MTB)
  • Shorts / Bibs
  • Outwear (Jacket & Vest)
  • Accessories (Arm Warmers)


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