2017 March Road Ride: Pre-Season Warm-up

2017 March Road Ride: Pre-Season Warm-up

Date:  25 March 2016

Route: Pre-Seaon Paceline Warm-up (~27 miles)
Meet at VCC front parking lot at 7:45am.  We will be on the bike leaving VCC at 8am.

RIDE INFO:  We make our way south on Camden Ave then right onto Leyland Park Dr.   Make a right on Echo Valley Dr the left on Glenn View Dr and finally a right on Rajkovich Way.  We will cross over Almaden Expressway to Via Valiente with a right onto Camden Ave.  Before making right on Harry Rd this will be our first regroup area.  We take Harry Rd to New Almaden Rd.  We will follow that back to Hicks where we will have 2nd regroup.  We will go back the same way we just came to Harry Rd.  Slow climb up Harry to IBM Hill and go down to Bernal Rd.  Left on Heaton Moor Dr. with another left on Curie.   Final zig-zag on Snell to get to Collen and take that all the way to Santa Teresa.  Left on Santa Teresa and another left on Coleman all the way back to the church off of Hicks Rd.

This shorter ~27 mile warm-up is to give you prepped for everything.  March can bring some sprinkles and wet roads; so please dress for any kind of weather.  If we do have wet roads, we will be taking it slower to make sure everyone is safe.  Please bring enough water and food to start refueled.  There will be several gas stations along the way to use as refuel or bathroom stops.  Please make sure that you let the leader know you plan on stopping.  Paceline Rides are always a  “No Drop Policy”.  So we will not leave anyone behind.  In addition, there will be lots of encouragement from everyone to make sure we all can complete this challenge.

If you have questions about meeting location or the ride, please let me know.  Thanks

WHAT TO BRING: The typical bike, helmet, snacks & water.

Focus:  Blessings


Questions, e-mail: tluzod@sbcglobal.net

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