10/29/16: Paceline Road – Mt Hamilton

10/29/16: Paceline Road – Mt Hamilton

 Date: 29 October 2016

Route: Mt Hamilton (~40+ miles)
Meet at the corner of Alum Rock Ave and Mt Hamilton Rd at 7am.   All parking is on street (see route map link).  Expect to be on the bike leaving by 7:15am.


Paceline members asked for it and I figured this is a way to finish the Paceline Season…climbing Mt Hamilton!

We will begin at the corner of Alum Rock Ave and Mt Hamilton Road.  The directions for the route are pretty easy.  We ascend up Mt Hamilton Road and continue until you reach Lick Observatory.  There are 3 peaks with Lick Observatory being the final peak. So after each peak you will get a downhill rest before climbing up the next peak.  After rest and recovery at the very top, we will descent back down to the cars with 2 short climbs back out.  For those that never climbed Mt Hamilton, it is a 20 mile climb.  The avg gradient is 5-7% which means it is not very steep but just a long climb.  The last 3-5 miles are the toughest just because you’ve already climbed 3500ft in elevation and you have about another 1200ft more.  So your legs will feel it but we will all do it together and find ways to get to the top.

The link above allows you to preview the route to judge the level of the ride.  I consider this ride a hard ride because of the long ascent with lots of elevation gain.  We need to leave earlier than normal Paceline rides because the climb does take awhile and I want to make sure we are not climbing in the middle of the day heat.  Also, there is very little water along the way until you get to the top of Mt Hamilton.  So we need to make sure everyone brings plenty of water (2 bottles) and some snacks.  There are vending machines at the top with snacks.

WHAT TO BRING: The typical bike, helmet, snacks & water. Even though summer is ending, that doesn’t mean that the heat is gone.  So please bring plenty of water and and snacks as you feel is necessary.

Focus:  TBD


Please email me if you have any concerns or questions (e-mail: tluzod@sbcglobal.net).  I am here to serve you!

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